Baking Chef's Measuring Mat

Baking Chef's Measuring Mat


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Baking is my superpower, and my apron is my cape!

There is something in the art of baking that makes it so damn fulfilling. For some, its the thrill of preparing your own recipes and seeing them come to life. Or that aroma just after you open the over. Or the joy of seeing the smile on the faces of everyone that just tasted your masterpiece. Or just about a thousand more reasons for a craft that had captivated people of all ages across all continents from generations to the next generations.

Part of perfecting the craft is making sure the finish product turns out how you envisioned them to be.  The efforts needed to measure, cut, roll, or shape them precisely can be a bit daunting but surely worth it in the end.  Seeing those thinly cut layers just fit perfectly on the center top of your cupcakes is a source of joy, while having two piece of baked pastries ending up an inch different in size when they are supposed to be the same can be equally frustrating specially if they are to be enjoyed by a customer - you get the idea.

And so we are here to help. For just a few bucks, you'll now be able to prepare and bake your irresistible goodies - shape the pie, cut those crusts, or slice the dough,  just the exact way and size you want them to be with our special Baking Measure Mat! A simple yet highly useful tool that can be seamlessly added to your array of baking weapons - get yours now at The Secret Shops!


L: 40  x 60  cm (  15.74   x 23.62 inch )

S: 26  x 29  cm (  10.23   x 11.41 inch )

Type: Baking & Pastry Tools
Features: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Certification: EEC,CE / EU,SGS,FDA,CIQ,LFGB
Model Number: JJ044

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