Multi Colored Stacking Shoe Organizer

Multi Colored Stacking Shoe Organizer


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Finding a shoe organizer to keep all those shoes you have collected through out the years is easy. But finding something that is efficient to store a pair instead of a single shoe on a given space, while having that unique look that doesn't make it an eyesore even if visible to anyone inside your house? Not that easy. But since you found your way here, it seems lady luck is in your side today.

Introducing our Multi Colored Stacking Shoe Organizer! This work of art allow you to place a pair of shoe on top of each other, thus reducing the needed space by half! They are designed and colored in such a way that you don't need to hide it in sight - in fact they can even serve as decorations and a nice accent to your room's overall design. Whether you have leather or rubber shoes, slippers, sandals, or whatever foot wear you're hiding in that dark corner of your house, our stacking shoe organizer is here at your service!

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Season Sale Price: $9.49 with Bonus FREE Worldwide Shipping!

But since we love y'all, we're also throwing a more massive discount if you decided to get a whole package of 8 awesome organizers in one order!

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • size:24*10cm
  • Color:Pink,Blue,Black,Purple,Yellow,Green,Beige,Red
  • Want to enjoy a less cluttered closet?
  • Our space-optimizing shoe organizer will help you double your shoe storage space in a snap!
  • Ideal for small spaces - dorm rooms, children's closets, small closets.....anywhere you want to organize your shoes and still have plenty of space leftover
  • One size fits most standard shoe sizes.
  • Safe and skid-proof
  • Multi-Colors, beautiful and durable
  • Snap joint on the bottom - the shoes would not fall off easily!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Shoe Organizer

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