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Account details will be sent to the email you used to purchase in this site (The Secret Shops) so please do provide a working email.

NFL Sunday Tickets' lifespan usually last between 5 - 9 months after purchase. 

We offer 4 months warranty - if account dies within this period, we will give a new account for free. This guarantees you at least a hundred of dollars in savings compared to the regular subscription rate of around $99 + a month. 

- Accounts are regularly verified before being sent; in a rare case that an account died, we will do our best to replace them on time before the Sunday matches. 

- Once you received your account details, we suggest checking it regularly, or a day before Sunday to ensure working access, and to have enough time for replacement if needed. We avoid logging the account on our side once it has been sent to our customers to help prevent any IP/device related issues. 

- We will send the account details as soon as possible and within 8 hours of purchase time. As such, it is much recommended to purchase your ticket a few hours before game time if you wish to use it immediately. 

Watch Everywhere with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX

When you choose NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you not only get every game, every Sunday on your TV, but the capability to stream games on any web-enabled device. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET app integrates live TV, NFL REDZONE features like comprehensive highlights, and DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE features like live player stats and standings–giving you the ultimate football experience on one screen.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET offers special features that go beyond the usual coverage on broadcast channels. Those features include:

  • Multi-game viewing on a single screen on the Mix Channel2 (up to eight games at once)
  • Player Tracker, to help fantasy football managers keep tabs on how their roster is performing
  • Real-time scores and stats from around the NFL

Upgrading to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX and take advantage of additional features such as:

  • Choose your device – watch on your computer, tablet, phone or game console3
  • See recaps of every scoring drive around the league on RED ZONE CHANNEL®
  • Optimize your fantasy roster with help from the experts on the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE channel

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