Personal Face And Neck Beauty Treatment Mask | Anti Acne | Whitening | Tighten Skins | And More!

Personal Face And Neck Beauty Treatment Mask | Anti Acne | Whitening | Tighten Skins | And More!


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Do you: eat an irregular and imbalanced diet,stays up late at night, sit in front of the computer for long times, or use a cellphone frequently

Do you suffer from: dark spots, freckles, acne, dull skin, yellow of skin, large pores, coarse and sagging skin

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then welcome to the club where majority of people in the modern world belongs to!

In pursuit of endless beauty, technology has been really amazing and has gave us products that seems unimaginable years ago. A prime example of that is our Personal Face And Neck Beauty Treatment Mask!

Pure technology. Real beauty.

Various variants of this mask has been used in the beauty industry for the past years specially among the higher tier shops and spa. Now its your turn to own one at a fraction of the cost!

General Benefits:

1 .Reduce and prevent wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas

2.Improve skin elasticity and makes it more tight

3.Minimize Pores 

4.Balance skin tone

5. Enhance blood circulation and lightens freckles

6. Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment

7. Minimize scarring

8. Relaxation,elevate immune system and boost sleep quality

9. Relief of sore and stiffness

10. Contribute to an overall healthier skin

11. Helps activate collagen - makes the skin more translucent and whiter

12.Accelerate Detoxification

13.Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate and promote the excretion of toxins of skin

14.Increase oxygen intake to lock skin moisture

Color Specific Benefits

​7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems:

Red light: general whitening of dark spots, repairs damaged skin, helps smooth out fine wrinkles, shrink pores, collagen production.

Blue light: efficiently minimize and heal acne,repair the skin without leaving scars

Purple light:red and blue dual-band light, a combination of two kinds of phototherapy effect, helps in healing and repairing the acne scar

Laser light (White light): helps fight age spots, improve fine lines and sagging skin.

Green light: Neutralazation,balance skin condition,relieve mental stress and helps prevent lymphoid and edema

Yellow light: improve coarse skin and wrinkles,redness, ringworm of the skin, improved immunity

Green Blue light: enhances cell energy ,promotes metabolism

How to use:
Step 1:Plug the USB connector at the end of the wire of your LED MASK.
Step 2: Clean and dry your face. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
Step 3: Put on your Mask . Make sure that you wear it comfortably.
Step 4:Turn on your Mask and you will see tinge of red light covering the whole mask.
Note: the light is at low-level intensity. You may close your eyes if you feels more relax in the dark
Step 5:Keep your LED Mask close to your facial skin.
You can also change different colors with the remote.

Product specs

Voltage:110v-240v, 60Hz/ 50Hz
Plug:EU,US,UK,AU Plug
Product Weight:1.8kg(With Original Box)
Package Size : 30x26x19 cm
Number of LED :192 leds
Colors of Lights:7 Colors
Output voltage: DC10V 2500mA
Output power: 20W (Max)

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